Airbus Steel pedals
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Pedals replica of original Airbus, entirely made of metal and fiber.


- Compatible with all add-ons in the market and also totally configurable by the user as a HID device (joystick).
- Linkable with other pedal unit with available kit.
- It has 3 axes: Rudder and differential brakes.
- Innovative USB Axes card specific for pedals with greater quality axes.
- You do not need any extra software: connect, calibrate and use.
- Construction 100% metal 1:1 scale.
- Metal pedals.
- Cuts of parts made ​​by water, which gives maximum accuracy.
- Paint Protective layer. Totally professional finish with cover in fiber.
- Assembled and fully tested at our facility.
- This version has not implemented the position adjustment.
- Pedal Weight : 15 Kg. approx.
- Special packed in wooden box.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10, Linux and OS X (since 06/01/2016.
Designed entirely by Opencockpits team.

Approximate measurements:
Height: 420 mm.
Length: 620 mm.
Width: 515 mm.
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Date Added: Thursday 18 October, 2012
Manufacturer: Opencokpits

Price: 99.00EUR
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