A320 Cockpit Shell
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A320 Cockpit Shell

Airbus A320 Cockpit Shell manufactured in structures of steel, aluminum and interior finishes in fiberglass. The 90% of the cockpit can be assembled by a single person. The cockpit includes:


* Airbus a320 cabin floor made of steel and aluminum.

* The pieces are easily assembled by screws included.

* Robust and professional manufacturing, with oven-baked powder paint in textured black color for the chassis. The aluminum surface where the cabin structure rests is completely polished.

* It has five wheels that allow to move easily the set of the cabin, as well as to fix it in a place to block the wheels.


* Airbus A320 cabin frame made of steel.

* The pieces are easily assembled using M4 and M6 screws included.

* Robust and professional manufacturing, with oven-cured powder paint in textured black.


* Interior fibers of the A320 cabin made of gel, layer and painted in gray with sprayed polyurethane paint.

* The pieces are easily assembled by screws included.

* Robust and professional manufacturing.

The total and approximate weight of the cabin: 530 Kg.

Overall measurements of the cabin (width x length x height): (345 - 194) x 279 x 224 cm.

They are stored in three reinforced wooden boxes and palletized to avoid any damage in transportation. Being the size of each box of 153x84x124Cm.

Delivery delay of 4 to 5 weeks.

Due to the considerable weight and volume of the shipment, the orders destined to any European country will be managed through terrestrial DHL. For the rest of the countries, the client can take care of the collection, or we can look for prices to make the shipment by air cargo, for this contact us at sales@opencockpits.com.

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The cabin does not contain any module, panel, control or seats. It also does not include the structure of the MIP. It includes the external and internal structure of the cabin and the platform where it sits.
The total volumetric weight amounts to 1080kg.
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