A320 Dual seat trainer structure + components
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A320 Double seat trainer structure + components

New double seat trainer structure + components developed under high quality changes including the new IDC panels fully backlit. The solution can be integrated into the SHELL product of A320 [MEC-SHELL320] although it can be installed independently and functionally outside it, in a room or other compatible cockpit.

The product features are:
* Custom metal chassis painted in powder and cured in the oven, which gives the paint a great resistance.
* New BKI panels.
* Set of IOCards cards to manage the entire module.
* Wiring through IDC connectors of the whole set.
* Set to connect using USB ports.
* Connection to SIOC software, which allows the customization of any element.
* Power supply with internal electronics cooling.
* Reinforced wooden box for transport.
* Monitor for Captain Display.
* Monitor for the Official Display.
* Engine monitor Warning screen.
* Monitor for display system.

The panels included are:
- 1 FCU panel.
- 1 EFIS panel Captain side.
- 1 EFIS Panel Official side.
- 1 Autoland panel Captain side.
- 1 Autoland Panel Official side.
- 1 Panel Side lighting Captain side.
- 1 Panel Lighting official side.
- 1 terrain panel.
- 1 Landing gear panel.
- 1 Chrono Panel.
- 1 Panel brakes.
- 1 Gauge Accu-Press.

Easy replacement of any panel via cable with IDC connector. Backlight control, warm white, from the Lighting Panel.

Dimensions of the mounted module: 203.5 cm x 100.4 cm.
Approximate assembly time 90 minutes.
Packaged weight: approximately 100 kg.

The product is sent disassembled in pieces of easy assembly to favor the saving in the shipping of the labels. To guarantee a correct reception of the product by the customer and prevent any type of transport damage, the shipment is made in a reinforced wooden box, wrapped in bubble film and expanded propylene foam.

Packing size:
* Components: 50x50x30 cm.
* Structure: 44.5x58.5x116 cm.

For shipments outside Europe there is the possibility of sending by air cargo with UPS, somewhat slower but cheaper, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@opencockpits.com.

Estimated shipping time: 3-4 weeks.

NOTE: The product may differ from the one shown in the image.
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