A320 Pedestal fully assembled light version
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A320 Pedestal assembled light version

New fully assembled Pedestal module developed under high quality standards including the new IDC panels fully backlit.

The module includes:

* Robust, powder-coated and oven-cured aluminum case.
* Custom metal support, painted and with all threaded holes, to easily support the entire assembly.
* New BKI panels.
* Set of IOCards cards to manage the entire module.
* Wiring through IDC connectors of the whole set.
* Set to connect using USB ports.
* Connection to SIOC software, which allows customization of any item.
* Power supply with internal electronics cooling.
* Reinforced wooden box for transport.

Panels included:
- 2 MCDU.
- 2 Radio panel.
- 2 Audio panel.
- 1 Captain lighting panel.
- 1 Official lighting panel.
- 1 radar panel.
- 1 ATC panel.
- 1 Engine start panel.
- 1 Speed ​​brake panel.
- 1 Flaps panel.
- 1 Cockpit door panel.
- 1 Parking panel brake & rudder trim.
- 3 Closing panels.
- 1 Switching panel.
- 1 Ecam panel.

Easy replacement of any panel via cable with IDC connector. Backlight control, warm white, from the Lighting Panel.

The maximum dimensions of the module are (without packaging): 47 x 55 x 81 cm.
The module is sent in a reinforced wooden box: 73 X 73 X 97 cm.
Approximate weight of the product without packaging: 50 kg.

Note: The product may differ from the one shown in the image. The delivery delay can be 4 weeks.
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