B747's Pilot Seat First Of.
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New product. Offer 15% discount.
Awesome replica B747-scale pilot seat with details such as:

* J-Rails with adjustable displacement.
* Adjustable seat height.
* Tilt adjustable backrest.
* Height adjustable backrest.
* Adjustable lumbar area.
* Folding and height adjustable armrests.
* Quilted and fleece lining as real.
* Bag for lifevest.
* Warning indicators and instructions sewn and glued to the backing fabric.
* Headrest optional (not included).

Strong steel construction, aluminum and stoving dust paint. It is shipped in a wooden box for safe transport.

Measures transport box: 75x82x123,5 Cm.
Weight seat: 40 Kg.

Delivery Delay: 4 weeks
. For shipping out Europe, exist the option of Air cargo with UPS, a bit slower but less expensive, please do not hesitate to ask to sales department at sales@opencockpits.com.
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