A320 Wet Compass
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A320 We Compass

A320 compass developed in the image of the original to give the user excellence in simulation, providing a reliable simulation both in functionality and aesthetics.

Like the original, the compass is positioned directly in front of the OVH FWD and serves as a backup to check the information found on the displays. Compass positioning is done by a stepper motor and a USB Steeper card, both included.

Main features:

- Metal construction. for - Developed in the image of the original. for - Cuts of pieces made by laser cut, which gives maximum precision. for - Electrostatic paint cured in the oven. Completely professional finish. for - Assembled and fully tested in our facilities. for - Designed entirely by the Opencockpits team.

* For its operation it is necessary 3.3V for the backlight.
* Product may differ from that shown in the image.
* Power supply and USB Steeper card included.
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