Complete B737 Cockpit
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Boeing 737 cabin made of steel and aluminum and fiberglass interior finishes.

The cockpit is made of parts that are easily transportable to any part of the world.

The parts are easily assembled using M4 bolts (included)). 90% of the structure can be mounted by a single person.

Robust and professional construction, with baked powder in textured black color for the exterior, and Boeing colors inside.

Both the interior frames of the windows, as the roof panels and side panels, are created in fiberglass with gel coat and painted in their corresponding colors (windows do not close or include glass or closures).

The platform on which the cockpit structure rests is made of steel, with a robust modular structure and galvanized sheet floor, with wheels that allow the cab assembly to be easily moved and locked in place by locking the wheels. It also has a hole to install double Yokes linked together.

The contents of the cabin are supplied in several boxes of robust wood and palletized, to avoid any damage in the transport. Being the size of the boxes of 120x80x135Cm.

Due to the considerable weight and volume of the shipment, those orders destined to any European country will be managed through DHL terrestrial. For the rest of countries, the client can take charge of the collection, or we can look for prices to make the shipment by Air Cargo, so contact us.

Cockpit measurements:
Total Weight aprox.: 1500kg. Vol. / 1200 Kg real

Delivery delay of 4 to 5 weeks (approximate, depending on workload).

You can see our Catalog of Simulators here :

Components Model Quantity
B737NG Metal Cockpit shell with fiberglass interior parts MEC-SHELL73 - MEC-SHELLINT 1
B737NG Complete Dual MIP panel (Pre-builded with displays) KIT-MIP2COMP 1
B737NG Motorized Metal Throttle quadrant 1
B737NG Dual link Metal Rudder Pedals MEC-PEDAL73 - MEC-LIPED320 1
B737NG Dual link Metal yokes MEC-YOK73DOB 1
B737NG FWD Overhead Panel 2M26 1
B737NG AFT Overhead Panel 2M42 1
B737NG Set of two Metal replica Seats (incl. head-rests & Rails) SEAT73A - SEAT73B 1
B737NG full operative Pedestal bay 2M38 1
B737NG Metal floor MEC-SHELLFL 1


Element Price
Computers and base software (Main + 2 Aux.) 8,760.00 €
Visual A: x3 4K 65" screen system 6,490.00 €
Visual B: Cylinder 3 channels 220 degrees 13,554.00 €
Seat belts 5 points 992.00 €
StickShaker+controller 1,229.00 €
Control electronics of the entire system in CanBus 1,511.00 €
Instructor Structure 8,246.00 €
Professional Instructor Armchair with rails 4,648.00 €
Windows 567.00 €
Compass 707.00 €
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