NEW Yoke Boeing 747 F.O. V2-PRO
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Impressive Boeing 737 replica of column and handle. V2-PRO

Constructed in aluminum and Steel.

* Aluminium casting and CNC machined. Coated special painting, like the real unit.
* Realistic tension loading.
* Decals for switches.
* Push to talk button.
* Trim switch.
* Autopilot Disengage button.
* USB connected and powered (USB cable included).
* Wired potentiometers for durability.
* Great angle of rotation (about 90 degrees each side).
* Reinforced wooden box for transport.

Measures: height 90Cm, width 32Cm.
The USB Axes Plus iocard included has 12 bits of resolution (filtered).
The assignments for axes and buttons can be done via simulator or FSUIPC.
Maps holder / checklist not included.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10, Linux and OS X (since 06/01/2016.

Delivery delay: 2-3 weeks.

Note: The photo may not coincide with the version of First Official, but the final product if it corresponds to it.
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