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Datasheet Digito display HDSP-7403

- File size: 121.14 KB Downloads 7485

  • Datasheet digit 7-segment display HDSP-7403 supports IOCard Digit Displays and PCBs

Datasheet Digito display SC36-11YWA

- File size: 149.59 KB Downloads 4860

  • Datasheet digit 7-segment display of Kingbright SC36-compatible 11YWA IOCard digit Displays and PCBs

Wiring schema of Servos II card

Author Manuel Vélez - File size: 612.02 KB Downloads 4931

  • Wiring schema of Servos II card

B737NG cockpit drawing (ACad format)

Author Pedro Bibiloni - File size: 1.26 MB Downloads 15001

  • B737NG cockpit drawing (ACad format)

DisplayII dimmer example

Author Manuel Vélez - File size: 1.64 MB Downloads 3776

  • Video example of the role of DisplayII multiplexed dimmer

displays multiplexed.pdf

Author David Tremoleda - File size: 14.84 KB Downloads 8487

  • Wiring diagram of Plate-II Multiplexed Displays the displays / Displays-II card. Connection diagram

Displays for B777

Author Andres Bermejo - File size: 2.73 MB Downloads 3961

  • PCB for Boeing 777 displays.

Dual flaps indicator

Author Borja Perera, Fernando Brea - File size: 946.24 KB Downloads 6688

  • How to build a dual flaps indicator by using two servo motors and the second generation servos circuit. For FS and X-Plane
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