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PCB manufacturing

Author Carlos López - File size: 1.47 MB Downloads 5968

  • This tutorial describes step by step, how to make, in a rather simple, the PCB then use our IOCards.

Throttle homespun (I)

Author Pedro Bibiloni - File size: 898.90 KB Downloads 5999

  • Construction of a homemade throttle.

Throttle homespun (II)

Author Pedro Bibiloni - File size: 836.74 KB Downloads 4541

  • Construction of a homemade throttle


Author Pedro Bibiloni - File size: 163.24 KB Downloads 5484

  • Tercera parte del Manual pPart III of the Manual for the construction of a simple but useful throttle, contains ara la construccion de un throttle sencillo pero util, contiene basicamente la informacion de conexionado y configuracion SIOC. Que os guste!!!


Author Pedro Bibiloni - File size: 35.27 KB Downloads 8960

  • Cutting of the throttle levers 737 NG, for manufacture in plastic of different thicknesses

Tutorial train lights

Author Christian Eme - File size: 647.08 KB Downloads 5524

  • Tutorial for the creation and configuration of the landing gear lights

Tutorial for creating button with LED

Author Andrés Bermejo - File size: 320.55 KB Downloads 5828

  • A step by step tutorial that describes how to make a button with led.

Throttle motor 737 Tutorial

Author Francisco Gago - File size: 8.58 MB Downloads 16507

  • Tutorial for motorization of a throttle and trim.
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