F.A.Q IOCards

Can I link the different GND pins in the Master Card inputs?

No, you can't.

That's because they are not real GNDs, but reference ones.

What the Master does to read the inputs is to multiplex the inputs from the parallel port (in groups of 9) so each group has its corresponding GND reference.

If you link GNDs from different groups, two different inputs will be read at the same time: if input 1 in group 1 is ON and input 1 in group 2 is OFF, and both GND references are linked, the system will understand that both inputs are ON. 

Answer by Manuel Velez.

Can I connect and disconnect elements in the IOCards while the PC is running?

Yes, you only have to disconnect all the power sources that feed the cards and the cable that links the cards with the PC (parallel or USB).

Answer by Manuel Vélez

How is connected a simulated encoder?

You can simulate a rotary encoder using a 12 position rotary switch as follows:

- open it (be carefull because there are pieces that can be trhown by the inner springs).
- cut the plastic piece that limits the free movement.
- cut the inner spring to make the movement smoother 
- mount everything again 
- shortcircuit pins
and connect them to three consecutive master card inputs in the same group of inputs. 
- connect the GND pin to the GND in the group previously used. 

And that's all.

Answer by Manolo Hdez-Peña

How to work with fixed zeroes in the V/S indicator?

The ideal situation to control zeros directly with the Master Card is to build a small circuit. You'll need a 4511 IC for each digit (each zero in this case) that you plan on providing power to.

1) Connect +5v to pins 3 and 16.
2) Connect GND to pins 5 and 8. 
3) Connect the output from the Master Card to pin 4. 
4) Connect pins 9 to 15 to the 7 segment display that you want to make a zero on. 

Make sure to use a resistor just as you would for the Displays Card before the LEDs

Answer by Manuel Velez

When IOCards are not fed but connected to the PC, why are leds lighting?

That's because the card takes power from the parallel port.

Disconnect the parallel port too when the cards are not used.

Answer by Manolo Vélez.

What is the DLL file in the download area for?

It's a library for programmers.

It can be used with any programming language.

With it, you can read any input, set any output and work with displays.

Answer by Manolo Vélez.

How can I set the negative sign in the V/S indicator?

With the configuration software you have to enable an output when BIT 15 in the V/S variable is 1.

Then, connect the central segment in the display to this output. Don't forget to put a limiting resistor too.

Answer by Manolo Vélez.
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