How to obtain throttle reverse in FSUIPC?

In order to obtain reverse, you must open FSUIPC and select the JOYSTICK tab.

Then with the arrows in the upper area you'll get to section 3 (3 of 6: Separate throttles per engine).

In the left side you have Throttle 1 and 2 and labels that read Reverse, Iddle and Max.

Next steps are necessary to do for both throttles:

- click on Set. Three buttons will appear under the labels.
- move the throttle to the minimum and click the button SET below Reverse. 
- move the throttle to the iddle position. Click the button SET below Iddle. 
- Now you have to create a dead zone for iddle: just move the throttle a little forward and click SET below Iddle again.
- Finally move the throttle to the maximun position and click on SET below Max.

Answer by Juan Berrocal
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