Renaud\'s A320 #2

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Renaud's A320 #2

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2013-05-16 17:05:46

My Home flight deck. A320 almost fully operational ! Throttle unit is one of the first from open cockpit, probably the prototype of the actual OC's A320 throttle. Running since several years now. Need a little paint refresh. Both steering wheels are from OC. Flaps lever and mechanism is from OC. The flight deck is exclusively running with AST software, and use only OC's cards, and personal SIOC development. To run the flight deck, I use four independent SIOC systems. First one use 4 master cards, two displays, two USB outputs. It drives the MIP and pedestal. Second one use 2 master cards, and two displays card. It drives the FCU and EFIS. Third One, use 4 master cards, Three Displays card, one relay card, and drives the overhead. Last SIOC system use one servo card for the A320 brake panel, and one DCmotor card to run the CG and elevator trim wheels.
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Renaud Emont
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