Back in 2009 I got the idea to build a MD-80 sim cockpit, and over time, it must be as realistic as possible. It is a huge task that will take many years and I am still far from complete. I have a small budget to develop the cockpit and I tell you this, to show you that it is possible to build a good cockpit for a small budget. For example, all the sim PCs are some I've got when they were replaced with new PCs. I keep a constant eye on the web for bargains. and I use common sense to get far. Therefore, Open cockpit was also a natural choice when it came to choosing the hardware in good quality to a good price, and even cheaper if I installing the components myself. In late 2010, the project took a new turn when I got the idea to mount the cockpit inside a caravan and that has made it mobile. Therefore, I can take the caravan out to different events where I have offered free flights to the public. So now I can also call myself a flight simulator instructor :-) Happy built to you all
Panorama cockpit
Panorama cockpi...
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