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"Training tutorials" contest is unique and exclusively in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Opencokcpits and aims to be a platform that allows users to show and share their knowledge on the different products of Opencockpits and its "configuration / adaptation" for their operation.



These conditions must be met:

  1. The competition is addressed to users registered on the website of Opencockpits.
  2. The tutorial should have some element / product Opencockpits.
  3. Tutorials must be delivered in PDF format.
  4. Each participant can send up to ten tutorials, it is recommended to send them over the period of call "01/05/2013 to 30/06/2013".
  5. The tutorials presented may not have been awarded in other contests or previously published in any professional support, including electronic, with the exception of social networks for personal use. If the tutorial is part of a series, this affects standard to all tutorials that belong to the same series.
  6. Tutorials that are assemblies of other tutorials are expressly prohibited. The jury shall discard any tutorial that in his opinion it has been subject to manipulations such as add, delete or move elements.
  7. Any submission that does not conform to these conditions will be automatically dismissed by the jury.
  8. The author of the tutorials gives consent to Opencockpits so that his tutorials are displayed both on the web and if they win the contest to be distributed between different social networks.
  9. Opencockpits ensure the correct processing of data in accordance with the organic law 15/1999 of protection of data of Personal character (LOPD).




  1. The entry period opens on May 1 and ends on 30 June 2013 at 24 hrs.
  2. The verdict of the jury (the 3 winning tutorials and selected 10) will be published on July 15, 2013 at the Opencockpits website.
  3. Awards will not start before this time.
  4. Even after completed the awards process, Opencockpits reserves the right of initiating actions against the contestants that have not complied with these contest rules and that have not been detected in the contest phase.
  5. The Organization will not attend telephone calls or answer oral or written consultations on the competition. Participants must wait for the publication of the jury's decision. 



The contest could become desert where envoys tutorials do not have sufficient quality.

First Prize: €500,00 in redeemable vouchers.

Second Prize: €300,00 in redeemable vouchers.

Third Prize: €100,00 in redeemable vouchers.

selected 10: €25,00 in redeemable vouchers.

For the rest of participants Opencockpits will held a draw with different gifts.



Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of all and each one of the bases of the contest and the final verdict of the jury.

Any remittance of tutorials which does not conform to these conditions will be automatically dismissed by the jury.

The participants of this contest are obligated to comply with its specific and General conditions, and its non-compliance with will mean the expulsion of the participant of the competition and the loss of any right over it.


The tutorials that participate in this contest may be published and disseminated on the web and remain stored in it indefinitely. In addition, the tutorials may be published on social networks like Facebook and Twitter for the purpose of promotion of the contest.


Opencockpits can use - together or not with the sponsors-the tutorials in the future in activities related to further promotion of the contest, as, for example, exhibitions.


The contestants grant that tutorials sent for participation in the competition are of his authorship either that they hold on them the necessary rights to participate in this competition, fulfilling the conditions laid down in these rules.

The participant becomes fully responsible for the content of the tutorials with full indemnity from the organizers of the contest.


Opencockpits employees or relatives in the first degree cannot participate in the competition.




  1. Prepare your PDF
  2. You have to be identified on the page (Log)
  3. Select the category "Tutorials Submitted to the Contest"
  4. Enter the required data: Title, Description
  5. Starts loading and Ready!


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