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Christmas pack 1

Christmas pack 1


Set MCP B737 V2 with box and EFIS B737: 

EFIS B737.
MCP B737 V2.


Modules are Plug&Play, no USB drivers neededand only run the software SIOC with your favorite configuration, which connect to the simulator via FSUIPC or IOCP.


These modules can manage flight modes: N1, SPEED, FD1 and 2, AT, LVLCHG, VNAV, HDGSEL, APP, VORLOC, LNAV, ALTHLD, V / S, CMDA and B, CWSA and B, Disengage, course1 and 2, IAS / MACH, Heading, Altitude and Vertical Speed. 


The system is compatible with the rest of IOCards in addition to other Opencockpits modules. 


The MCP module power must be done by external power 5V (500mA consumption), connecting both modules to the computer can be done by USB (recommended HUB with external power).


The module configuration allows freely defined by the user and can interact with other software like ON-737, Project Magenta, IFLY737, Prosim737, PMDG NG, among others. 


Feeder available 


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