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FMC B-747 Mounted & ready

FMC B-747 Mounted & ready

The FMC module is a replica of the real, with the same shape and size. It is fully assembled and requires only wiring the fail indicators to IOCard Master outputs.

Size : 150x225 mm

The FMC is connected by a computer's USB port and also to the TV out of your computer. 

In order to function requires the necessary software that simulates the functions of flight, this software is not included and can be used anyone what can show all information on one screen and work with FSUIPC, IOCP or keyboard commands. 

There are scripts to work with Project Magenta. It is also compatible with other add-on like Level-D 767, ON-737 and others. 

The keyboard is fully configurable, and can be added any improvements or adapt to any new software. 

The screen is 5" color and runs on cards such as ATI or NVIDIA. 

The module includes: 1 USB cable, 1 composite video cable and the power source. 

The keyboard is not backlit, but is prepared to be backlit. 

The electronic controls the keyboard and screen. For control the indicator of failure & MSG you can use the Master Card, the module is already prepared for it. 

The entire module is assembled in a protective cover painted. 

The system is compatible with the rest of cards IOCards and other Opencockpits modules. 

ATI and NVidia graphics cards are compatibles with the display using PAL system (those cards can select PAL or other systems of Video)

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