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Fighter Radio Black p&p

Fighter Radio Black p&p

 Special Radio module for fighters cockpits completly assembled and ready for connect to USB computer port. In black color with gray keys and completly backlit.

12 yellow led digits.

Power Switch for backlit.

COM,NAV,ADF, course selector and others functions fully operative.

Functions VHF3, HF1, HF2, AM and MLS are not operational in the simulation software and the module either.

You don't need external power source.

Completly stand alone module (don't need others cards or modules). You only need to plug in the USB port (plug&play). Don't need USB driver (only use IOCPModules.exe or a Sioc's script).

This module is compatible with another hardware.

Compatible with FSimulator (FSX, FS2004 ...), X-Plane and others add-on (AirSimtech, Project Magenta, ...)

You can connect many units at the same time.

You can control the brightness of the display digits by software.

All the module is backlit.

Function selector.

Concentric encoder with great precision and speed.

Measures: 145x85 mm.

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