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MCP 737NG (without box)

MCP 737NG (without box)

* This option has not the metallic rear cover box. Mainly used to be inserted in the Main Instrument Panel or user self made protective box.

This module is completely plug&play (no need of USB driver). Only needs SIOC with your favourite configuration file that will link with the simulator via FSUIPC or IOCP, except with PMDG and PMDG NGX they need an extra driver easy to install and configure.

The following flight modes can be managed with this MCP module: N1, SPEED, FD1 and 2, AT, LVLCHG, VNAV, HDGSEL, APP, VORLOC, LNAV, ALTHLD, V/S, CMDA and B, CWSA and B, Disengage, Course1 and 2, IAS/MACH, Heading, Altitude and Vertical Speed.

The module is fully compatible with the rest of IOCards and other Opencockpits modules.

You should use the USB port for feeding the module (a HUB with its own power source is recommended) and an external power source (5 volts, 500 mA).

The module admits any configuration defined by the user, and can link with any other software like ON-737, Project Magenta, ...

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