Master Card step by step assembly (English).

J. Carlos Lopez and Pedro Bibiloni. Translation by Manolo Hdez-Peña.

Before starting, you should visit, download the master card schemes (download area) and read all the instructions that you can find there. Then...

To build the card we need the components and the scheme for it. Generally speaking the components are diodes, resistors, integrated circuits (IC), IC's bases, connectors and the card.

In addition some tools like multimeter for checking the connections, tin welder, tweezers, cutting pliers...

Some components have an unique position. These ones are IC and diodes. It's highly recommended to install the IC on bases; this way we will be able to substitute any broken IC. Here we can see a detailed base for IC. On the right hand picture we have a detail from the card scheme. On the upper side of both pictures, we can see a mark. We will weld the base taking into account these marks. The IC has also a dot that indicates how to install it on its base. Both, the mark on the base an the one on the IC, must be in the same position (the position described on the scheme).

At the end of this page you have a picture of the finished card, showing the position of each IC and diodes.

Let's start by welding the components. First step, the IC bases.

Particularly, I only weld one pin of each base; then I check the correct position (card scheme). When all is checked, I weld the rest of pins.

Once all the bases are well welded, we can continue with J1 (expansion bus), J2 (outputs), J3 and J4 (inputs) connectors.

Then the DB-25, DB-9 and power supply (alimentacion on the picture) connectors.

Finally, we will weld the resistors and diodes, and put the IC's on their bases.

Diodes have polarity, so they must be installed in a particular position. This picture shows how diodes must be welded. The black line on the diodes must be on the same side of the triangle vertex on the scheme. This black line means the diode cathode.

The final appearance would be this.

When all the diodes are ready to weld, this is what we see on the back side. Once welded, we will cut the terminals with the cutting pliers.

The last step is welding the resistance. In this case there are no polarity, so the position is not important. We can now put the IC's on their bases (checking the position marks on them). You can see where the position marks must be placed, rounded by a circle and the black lines of the diodes.

And that's all. You can enjoy the master card now.

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