A320 Professional Pedals
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A320 Professional pedals

Replica of original Airbus pedals, completely made of metal and fiber. Developed under high quality standards including position adjustment and compatible with all market add-ons.

The main features are:

- Compatible with all add-ons on the market and also fully configurable by the user as an HID device (joystick).
- Rudder link included.
- It has 3 axles: Rudder and differential brakes (need adjustment by software).
- Adjustable in depth with indicative scale.
- Innovative USB Axes card specific for the pedals with higher axis reading quality.
- You don't need any extra software: plug, calibrate and use.
- Construction of 100% metal chassis at 1: 1 scale.
- Metal pedals.
- Cuts made by water, which gives maximum precision.
- Baked paint. Totally professional finish.
- Assembled and tested completely in our facilities.
- Exact replica fiber housing.
- Position adjustment implemented.
- Weight: 15 Kg approx / unit.
- Packaging in wooden box.

Designed entirely by the Opencockpits team.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10, Linux and OS X (since 06/01/2016).

Approximate measurements: High: 420 mm Length: 620 mm Width: 515 mm

Note: The product may differ from the one shown in the image.
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