A320 OVH FWD kit. Ready for assemble
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A320 OVH FWD kit. Ready for assemble

Main Overhead Module Kit with all the necessary elements for its complete assembly.

The Overhead includes:

1 Kit of Korrys A320.
1 OVH A320 panel kit.
1 Kit components (switches, guards, pots, ...)
1 Set of separators for electronics.
1 Kit of LED strips for backlighting.
1 OVH A320 button kit.
1 Kit of painted screws.
1 painted DZUS kit.
1 Set of connectors (switches, indicators, power supply, ...).
2 Display for battery panel.
1 USBExpansion card.
4 Master Cards.
2 Display Cards.
1 Card Outs.
4 Korry cards.
2 Connection cards -entries-.
1 Kit of connecting cables of different colors for mounting.
1 IDC cable kit.
1 Kit of IDC connectors.
1 OVH chassis prepared with grid and threads to screw the assembly.
1 Rear panel for electronics and backlight assembly.
1 AUDIO panel mounted.
1 Set of FIRE handles.
1 Reinforced special wooden box for transport.


* Power supply 5 volts, 2 Amps / 12 volts, 2 Amps. (It can serve ATX source from a PC).
* System 'DIM' of indicators and backlighting. (although the latter can be regulated by voltage from the source).
* Simulation software for A320 systems.


The measurements of the hardware (width x height x depth) are: 62.5 x 61.9 x 11 cm.
Approximate weight of the packaged product: 25 Kg.
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A320 OVH FWD fully assembled
Date Added: Wednesday 26 June, 2019
Manufacturer: Opencokpits

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