A320 Sidestick PRO Cpt
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A320 Sidestick PRO

Incredible replica of A320 sidestick developed in the image of the original to give the user excellence in simulation, providing a reliable simulation both in functionality and aesthetics.

It allows a real movement of the aircraft thanks to the movement management through a fully adjustable hydraulic system, offering the possibility of adjustment in terms of forces to the most demanding users.

The position of the knob is read by means of Hall effect sensors, so it is compatible with any System or Addon through the USB Axes Card [2T22] analog reading card.

Technical data:
- Metal construction.
- Developed in the image of the original.
- Real movement managed by an adjustable hydraulic system.
- Control lock in AP mode.
- Cuts of pieces made by laser cut, which gives maximum precision.
- Electrostatic paint cured in the oven. Completely professional finish.
- Net weight: 12 Kg.
- Assembled and fully tested in our facilities.
- Designed entirely by the Opencockpits team.

* Product may differ from that shown in the image.
* Image shows Sidestick FO PRO * It is necessary to use a relay card [2T13] and a 12V power supply [6ALI500] for the self-locking of the remote control in AP mode (not included).
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