B737 MAX - FWD Overhead
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B737 MAX - FWD Overhead

B737 MAX FWD Overhead developed under high quality standards in the image of the original to give the user excellence in its use, providing a real simulation both in functionality and aesthetics. The module, completely elaborated in the Opencockpits facilities, presents all the functional components including the gauges. All backlit and ready to connect to your simulation software.

The main features are:

* Automatic return of motor start switches.
* Panels in two colors.
* Custom metal chassis, painted with electrostatic paint and oven cured.
* Switches with aluminum "caps" and caps like the real one.
* Complete set of backlit and functional gauges.
* Backlighting of the entire set including clocks in warm white.
* Electric (green) and cabin pressure (orange) displays.
* All used Overhead buttons of the same type as the real one and injected in plastic.
* Power supply 5V, 12V y 3,3V.
* Fully tested in our facilities.
* Set of IOCards cards to manage the entire module with 2 USB connectors, which facilitates direct connection through two USB cables.
* The measurements of the module (width x height x depth) are: 66 x 69 x 11.7 cm. About 18cm deep including electronics.
* The set is sent in a reinforced wooden box measuring 84.5x83x29.5 cm to ensure transport. Total weight packed 45 Kg.

* Completely customizable module.
* Optional Landing Light Switch Caps.
* The product may differ from that shown in the image.
* The analogs of CONT CAB / FWD CAB / AFT CAB / PASS CAB are not operational.
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