Kit Overhead 737 -FWD- ready for assemble
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Kit Overhead main module with all components included.

The Overhead includes:

1 Kit for indicators assembly (legend, led and box).
1 Kit Two-color panels.
1 Kit hardware (switches, safe-guard, pots, ...)
1 Complete set of gauges.
1 Gauge engines start with autoreturn.
3 Load capacitors.
1 Set of separators for cards.
460cm led strip for backlit.
3 Knobs type 5.
11 Knobs type 1.
1 Knob type 3.
1 Knob type 6.
1 Knob Type 7.
1 Set painted screws: : 64 units M4 grey, 74 units M3 grey and 15 units M3 white.
64 Fasteners.
7 Servo-motor cables.
1 Set of connectors (interruptores, indicadores, alimentacion,...).
1 Electric display panel.
2 PCBs 5 digits.
2 Master card.
2 Display card.
2 USBServos card.
3 Outputs connection card.
4 Inputs connection card.
1 USBExpansion card.
1 Outs card.
23 mts wire for inputs/outpus.
3 mts ribbon cable 40.
22 Connector IDC 40.
2 Connector IDC 10.
4 Connector IDC 16.
2 Connector IDC 25.
1 Set of big switches caps.
1 Set of big switches metallic caps.
1 Metal heavy duty frame, painted and with all the screw holes to easily handle.
1 back panel for mount electronic cards and backlit.
1 Sturdy wooden box for transport.


* Power supply 5 volts, 2 Amps / 12 Volts, 2 Amps. (You can use a PC ATX power).
* System 'DIM' of indicators and backlighting. (although the latter may be regulated by voltage from the power source).
*Software simulation of the system 737. (Compatible with virtually all the market).

Aprox: 66cm x 69cm x 20 cm & 28 Kg.

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