A320 Cockpit Door Panel
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Airbus 320 Cockpit Door Panel.

Airbus 320 Cockpit Door panel with professional manufactured and BKI technology, which integrates the backlight inside the panel itself, just like the real one. The backlight is warm white and feeds in a range of 2'4-2'9V.

The panel includes the following components:

  Korry type switch.
  Switch ON-OFF-ON.

All these components facilitate a simulation of operation identical to the original. The legends of korrys are:

* Indicator / Switch FIRE / FAULT in amber.

The panel can be integrated in Opencockpits A320 Pedestal [MEC-SOPEDES3] and shows total compatibility with the rest of Opencockpits modules and cards. For correct operation, the panel requires the use of the following Opencockpits cards: Expansion Card [2T3], Master Card [2T1], A320 Pedestal and USBDimcontrol Card [2T21]. Any entry / exit card can be used too.

The approximate means of the panel are: 145.5X60.6 mm.
Approximate weight: 120 gr.

NOTE: The product may differ from the one shown in the image.
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