A320 Full Cockpit
50,175.00EUR 43,490.00EUR
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Airbus 320 full cockpit


Cab of A320 made of steel structures, aluminum and interior finishes in fiberglass.

The pieces are easily assembled using M3, M4 and M6 bolts included, 90% of the structure being easily assembled by a single person.

Robust and professional manufacturing, with oven-baked powder paint in textured black for the exterior, and gray colors inside.

Both the interior frames of the windows and the roof panels are created in fiberglass with gel coat and painted in their corresponding colors (the windows do not close nor include glass or closures).

The platform on which the cabin structure rests is made of steel, with a robust modular structure and galvanized sheet floor, with wheels that allow the cab assembly to be moved easily, as well as fixing it in one place by blocking the wheels.

You can see our Catalog of Simulators here :

The contents of the cabin are supplied with Bubble wrap in several robust wooden boxes and palletized, to avoid any damage in transport.

Due to the considerable weight and volume of the shipment, those orders destined to any European country will be managed through terrestrial DHL. For the rest of the countries, the client can take care of the collection, or we can look for prices to make the shipment by air cargo, for this contact us.

Measures of the cockpit: 345x279,5. Height: 224 cm
Approximate total weight: 1300 Kg.

Components Model Quantity
A320 cockpit shell MEC-SHELL320 1
A320 interior MEC-SHELLINT 1
A320 cockcpit floor MEC-SHELLFL3 1
A320 Sidestick Frame Captain side 2M46 1
A320 Sidestick Frame FO side 2M45 1
A320 Steel pedals MEC-PEDALA3N 2
A320 Steel pedals link MEC-LIPEDAL7 1
A320 Professional Captain Seat SEAT320PCAP 1
A320 Professional FO Seat SEAT320P1OF 1
A320 SideStick Captain side MEC-STICKA32 1
A320 SideStick Official side MEC-STICKA32 1
A320 steering left MEC-ST320-L 1
A320 sterring right MEC-ST320-R 1
A320 MIP components 1
A320 MIP screens 1
A320 Pedestal with Throttle 1
A320 Overhead FWD 1
A320 OVH AFT (chassis + grey panels) 1
Moquette 1
Pre-montaje 1



Elemento Precio
Computers and base software (Main + 2 Aux) 7,426.00 €
Visual A: x3 4K 65" screen system 5,502.00 €
Visual B: Cylinder 3 channels 220 degrees 11,490.00 €
Seat belts five points 840.00 €
Two Oxigen Mask Locker 1,580.00 €
Update to professional pedals with adjustments (x2) 1,000.00 €
Instructor console with 2 screens and software 2,200.00 €
Emergency Gravity Gear Lever 599.00 €
Instructor Structure 6,990.00 €
Professional Instructor Armchair with rails 3,940.00 €
Windows 480.00 €
Compass 699.00 €
Professional Sidestick 3,490.00 €
Professional AFT 4,385.00 €
Control electronics of the entire system in CanBus 1,280.00 €
Dome Lights Write to sales@opencockpits.com
Pedals with force control Write to sales@opencockpits.com
MIP table with footrest Write to sales@opencockpits.com
ProSim:A320 Write to sales@opencockpits.com
Instalation Write to sales@opencockpits.com
Other options Write to sales@opencockpits.com

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